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Sonntag, 3. Mai 2015

Hey - it's May!

And isn't it faboulous to start it off with a long weekend, celebrating the International Workers' Day? Even better, living in catholic Bavaria, I have two more religous holidays to look forward to.

Unfortunately the sky celebrated by opening its floodgates so I after hitting the gym I holed up inside devouring this fab book. 
It's the moving tale of Sally, who is an incredibly singer who only sings in the safety of her wardrobe. We follow her from a difficult childhood with seemingly cold and unsupportive parents in the West Midlands to London to become a wardrobe mistress at the Royal Opera House.
After an amazing summer in New York, she returns to London to keep a promise - studying to become an opera singer although she is crippled by fear and insecurities...


I found this bargain at the local Oxfam. I discovered charity shops in the UK but they are really rare in Germany. We have fleemarket shops where people can sell their stuff without the hassle of going to markets but hardly any to support charities. 

I can't wait for my next trip to London in June (yay, less then six weeks to go). One of my favourites is Traid (, which specializes in clothes and even has a collection of clothes they designed from second-hand donations.

But before the trip there's loads to do and decide:

- What to pack.
- What to wear to Blogtacular.
- Designing and ordering business cards for Blogtacular (uh, must hurry).
- Checking out "Time out Guide London" to prepare for exciting events and restaurants. I wonder if that Bugs and Insects place is still open.

Sonntag, 26. April 2015

april impressions

A wonderful day out in the countryside.

Where's the snow when you need it?

A room with a view!

Old-skool Munich

Just behind the office, a hidden treasure.

Awesome concert: The Levellers. Finest folk-punk-rock from Brighton!

Sonntag, 19. April 2015

Time flies, already I'm back in the system for a whole week and the easter leave seems like a distant memory.

My ten days off were packed with activities:

- the big paint ( you saw the amazing result in my last post)

- two visits to the cinema: Kingsmen (sooo funny) and The second best Marigold hotel (gotta love Dame Judi)  

- saw the exibition "August Macke and Franz Marc" at the Lenbachhaus and treated myself to a new annual pass for this great museum.

- celebrated mine and my sisters birthday 

- countless lunches and coffees with great friends and family

- a visit to Ikea, garden center, a work wear outlet (unexpected interieur design delights)

- had Sissi, the sewing machine, serviced and the laptop upgraded

- went for a lovely spring walk along the river

Donnerstag, 9. April 2015

The green room will make you green with envy

After years of dithering, last Friday finally saw the dawn of the big paint!
It took several trips to the hardware stores to make up my mind about the shade of green I wanted. It's called "olive grove", personally it makes me think of moss. 


Luckily my brother had offered his services, as it turned out, I didn't have a clue on how to start.
But in his calm manner, he managed everything from start to finish. So my advice, get yourself an experienced painting buddy!

From a friend I borrowed a laser spirit level, which was an enormous help when it came to taping a straight line. All in all it took us about 5 hours (including a pizza break during the drying period).


The expensive tape didn't keep its advertising claim so there is no razor-sharp line and there's an area that is not perfect but I don't mind.

At first I put the furniture back as it was before but during the evening I found myself turning around all the time instead of watching the still white wall opposite. So in the morning I re-arranged the sofa and am now much happier with the result. It makes the room smaller but 100 % cosier.

Not quite there yet.

Perfect, being able to admire wall while watching the telly.

My conclusion: How could I have not done this before? It takes little effort to get such a stunning result.

Sonntag, 29. März 2015

Make do and mend

Today I'm finally sorting out the mending pile. 

The favourite shirt with the shredded ribbon that I couldn't bear to throw away.

The new party top with a neckline I thought I could get away with in the changing room and didn't dare to wear in real life. Simply fixed with a piece of lace.

The bargain t-shirt with potential if only one was a proper seamstress. Well, maybe some other time... Rome wasn't built in one day after all.

Sonntag, 22. März 2015

All work and no play...

... make Wonky Heidi a very dull blogger! 

The past four weeks at the office have been manic and most weekends were spent in a total uncreative way on the sofa. 

Today was different as I finally managed to install my new toilet seat, paid a flying visit to cuddle my niece and started filling in my tax forms.

But in two weeks time I'll have ten glorious days off. My to-do list so far:

paint wall
take laptop for an upgrade
take sewing machine for an overhaul
sort out balcony
pay Ikea a long-due visit
read, read, read
relax, relax, relax
go to the gym (oh no pollen alert)

Sonntag, 8. März 2015

Winter fun

Last Friday 16 of my amazing colleagues and I left the office early to travel to the Bavarian Forest. It is an area close to the Czech border and a popular holiday spot for families.
After the arrival in Bodenmais we started our hike to the Chamer Hütte, a mountain hut, managed by the local ski club.
It was a very steep climb and although I had left the kitchen sink at home I had problems lugging my day tour rucksack up the mountain. My boss, who you might remember from handing over his dessert at the xmas party,   came up trumps again and took it off me. Otherwise I wouldn't have managed the ascent.
The scenery was breathtaking, even though it was foggy and the forest dark and mysterious.

After about two hours we arrived exhausted and happy and sorted out the quarters. 

And then came refreshments...

Roast pork and dumplings 

We had the most amazing evening in the cosy restaurant area of the hut. Eating, drinking, chatting and even singing. There were instruments available at the hut and one of my colleagues entertained us with one popular song after the other. And yes, due to the readily available hard liquor, I did have a go at yodelling! I'm very afraid of compromising videos being safed on the departments server!

After a restless night we woke up to a clear and sunny morning. We had a basic but filling breakfast,  kitted up and went outside.

And now came the biggest surprise of the trip, we were to take wooden sledges to get down into the valley! As I had seen the steep piste on the way up I was a bit afraid and decided to go last, where I could take my time.
The moment my bum touched the seat however, all of this was forgotten, I transformed into a right terror of the slopes and shot of at high speed, shreeking with delight, forcing my colleagues to dive for safety. Luckily no one was hurt as we raced through the white landscape, the sun glittering on the snow like diamonds.
It was over far to quickly! On the way out of town we stocked up on the local schnapps and headed back towards Munich, chatting happily.